PASS Milestone Tracking and Reporting System

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Improving the efficiency of physicians training globally...





Personalized learning so you can track your progress on educational content

100+ Procedure Guides with an increasing library of professional-grade videos

Self-Mastery Tracking System to rate your own progress

Improved Rotation Specific Reporting

all on native APP in Fall of 2016 for improved usability

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Goals of PASS
  • Improve the quality of physician training
    • by providing a structured and graduated learning and testing curriculum
    • by creating a more objective and immediate evaluation process
    • by providing performance and self-tracking analytics to optimize learning

  • Decrease the cost of training physicians
    • by outsourcing a component of didactic education so faculty resources can be utilized more effectively
    • by decreasing the time burden of resident evaluations by implementing a modern evaluation platform that is aligned with the ACGME Milestones
    • by providing a modern Learning Management System (LMS) that allows paperless ACGME milestone tracking and reporting
How it works?
Accurate ACGME Milestone Biannual Reports...One meeting...One hour...
  1. PASSTM collects real-time performance data on the six ACGME core competencies
  2. Performance data appears on transparent tracking dashboards for residents and faculty
  3. Performance data is converted to ACGME levels using our knowledge classification system
  4. Reporting tools facilitate ACGME Milestone reporting
 Medical Knowledge
Objective and Transparent ACGME Medical Knowledge Levels through testing... not faculty evaluations...
  • How Testmaster works?
    • PASS is coupled with the 365-Day Core Curriculum
      • every day residents receive an email telling them what topics to read
      • residents take a 100 question OBTE in June/July to establish diagnostic baseline
      • every week a Core Quiz is released that test the prior week's reading
      • every month a Milestone Exam is released, which can be thought of as a monthly "mini-OITE"
      • programs can create and distribute custom exams
      • click here if you want to purchase the Core Curriculum alone for self study
    • Exam results appear in transparent tracking dashboards for residents and program directors
      • this way areas of weakness can be addressed early
    • ACGME medical knowledge levels are assigned and ACGME reports generated
      • medical knowledge levels are produced based on our classification system which is aligned with the ACGME Milestone
      • PASS reports allows integration of PASS medial knowledge data and other sources of data (OITE, faculty evaluations etc)
Patient Care
Finally a skill tracking & evaluations system that is mobile, user-friendly, and actually improves technical training...
  • A complete Technique Guide of over 100 procedures (coming July 2016)
    • our technique guides are written by academic surgeons at the best teaching hospitals
    • we have an increasing number of professional-grade videos to compliment each technique guide
  • How Self-Mastery Skillmaster works
    • residents can rate their own mastery of individual skills and track there progress
  • How Evaluatoin Skillmaster works?
    • Residents enter skills using our mobile Skill Tracking and Evaluation System
      • we have created a skill tracking and mobile evaluations system that is aligned with the ACGME Patient Care milestones
      • 50 procedures are broken down into 15 skills each
      • each skill is assigned and ACGME Level
    • Faculty grade skill evaluations real-time on their phone
    • Tracking systems allow the resident and faculty to track the technical skills of a resident
    • ACGME Patient Care Levels are generated reported
Monthly "Professionalism" evaluation system that collects accurate ACGME levels...

  • How Evalmaster works?
    • a mobile-based evaluation system allows real-time data gathering on ACGME "Levels" across "Practice" core competencies including
      • Professionalism (P)
      • Interpersonal & Communication Skills (ICS)
      • Practice-Based Learning (PBL)
      • Systems-Based Practice (SBP)
    • every month residents request a "Professionalism" evaluation from faculty 
    • evaluations are filled out on our mobile platform which ensures levels are aligned with the ACGME definitions of levels
    • Summary data is reported in the same fields as ACGME biannual reports
Milestone Reports
"Paperless" tracking of all ACGME Milestone data, whether it is from PASS or other evaluations systems...
  • How our Milestone Reports work?
    • We recognize there are multiple forms of performance data (OITE score, New Innovations etc), therefore we have built a Milestone Reporting system that allows integration of multiple sources of data and paperless tracking and reporting.
    • for the month of December and June a draft is available allows CCC to virtually refine the Milestone levels for each resident prior to the CCC meeting
    • because the data has already been gathered, is transparent, and has been refined virtually, final Milestone reports should be able to be submitted following a 1 hour meeting with the CCC
    • Following CCC approval, simple PDF versions are generated to facilitate ACGME website data entry
"I seriously can't believe my attendings are actually doing the Evals. Did a patellar tendon repair and management and I never even mentioned this to him and he filled out the evaluation already! So exciting" - US resident
"This will bring surgeons all across the world together and uptodate on an ever evolving field. Having access to knowledge and everything atyour fingertips no matter where in the world you are...." US Resident
"Our program did great. One of the highest program averages we've had in a while."
- US Chief Resident.
"Our OITE program rank increased from 12% to 50%"
- US Program Coordinator
"Just putting them into ACGME Website now.   Your setup is excellent and really helpful.   It’s way more helpful than medhub.."
- US Program Director 
"Worked just fine- very easy."
- US Faculty Member using Skillmaster
"We jumped 30 percentile points compared to last year when compared to other programs"
- US Chief Resident
"[Program director] was very pleased and plans to continue the annual study plan next year because he does think that using it this year was a big reason we did well."
- US Chief Resident.
"Scores are going a lot better"
- US Chief Resident
"There's a correlation among residents who don't participate and their OITE scores"
- US PGY5 Resident
"OITE scores for the program are up from last year... guided by the Orthobullets curriculum"
- US Chief Resident
"How I wish this kind of thing had been available to me in my training! It's a beautiful thing."
- US Surgeon
"You will crush mebhub"
- US Resident
"I heard today that our average OITE scores for the program are up from last year which is a big accomplishment. I attribute that to our OITE focus that we've had this year guided by the Orthobullets curriculum and the frequent testing. I am going to tell everyone that they really need to be following the Core Curriculum in the upcoming years to ensure the scores stay high and continue to improve."
- US Chief Resident
Our program did great. One of the highest program averages we've had in a while.
- US Chief Resident.
"Our OITE program rank increased from 12% to 50%"
- US Program Coordinator
Data Confidentiality & Security
  • Orthobullets was founded on the principle of advocating for residents and we will never lose sight of that. 
  • The orthobullets “self-study” platform will remain unchanged and only certain, clearly identified tests can be graded. The remainder of your exams will remain confidential.
  • Residents have to “opt-in” to the PASSTM evaluation platform before any of their information is shared to their training program.
  • If residents ever feel like their performance data is inaccurate, or being used unfairly, please contact us and we will evaluate the data and delete it if it is inaccurate. 
  • Resident performance data is handed over to the department at the time of graduation.
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Join 76 programs on four continents already using PASSTM...
Call us today at 650-646-1864 to purchase (M-F 9-5 PT).


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