2015 OITE 68-Day Cram Plan

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  • Daily emails starting the day after you pay. Enroll by August 31st to finish before the 2015 OITE!
  • 68-Day Study Plan
  • Covers 335 essential orthopaedic topics
  • Includes Specialty Exams and Mock Exams

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NOTE: If you have purchased any other Study Plans in the last 12 months you have free access to this one.

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Study Plan Details
  • The 2015 OITE 68-Day Cram Plan is designed to prepare residents for the 2015 AAOS OITE.
    • 68 daily study plan emails will be sent starting the day after you pay. The OITE is on November 9th; enroll by August 31st to finish before the exam. 
    • you may complete the Study Plan and take the exams at any time until Dec 31, 2016. While the daily emails will only be sent on our fixed schedule, all past study plans will be posted in the Study Plan "classroom", so you can do the study plan on your own schedule if you choose.

  • The OITE 68-Day Cram Plan consists of 

    • Daily Emails reviewing 335 Essential Orthopaedic Topics
      • by registering for the 2015 OITE 68-Day Cram Plan you will automatically receive a daily email telling you exactly what topics to review and what questions to do
      • 335 essential orthopaedic topics covering trauma, spine, sports, pediatrics, adult recon, hand, foot & ankle, pathology, and basic science have been carefully selected to prepare you for the OITE. This is a "Cram" Plan, so while it will cover the most frequently tested topics, there is the chance questions will appear that were not covered in this study plan
      • a frequently-tested article will be included in the daily email

    • 9 Timed-Scored Specialty Exams (50 Questions each)
      • after daily study plan emails for a specific specialty have been completed, take the timed specialty exams. This will help reinforce your knowledge.
      • watch exam review webinar that discuss which answers are correct and why.

    • Timed-Scored Mock Exams with Never-Been-Seen Questions
      • by registering for this study plan you will have access to all Milestone Mock Exams. Therefore you will have access to 400+ questions that are not available in the free Qbank.

    • 12 Month Access to the Virtual Curriculum
 Pricing Options
  • Price for Study Plan Alone
    • $80 gives you access to
      • 68 daily study plan emails
      • all Milestone Mock Exams
      • all premium content that is included in the Virtual Curriculum
    • if you have purchased a Study Plan in the last 12 months you do not need to purchase again. Purchasing any Study Plan gives you a 12 month subscription to the Virtual Curriculum and all Study Plans
Payment Instructions
  • Payment is made on PayPal. 
  • Following payment you must click the yellow button to complete your registration and access the Study Plan.
  • To access the Study Plan in the future, click Groups in the top menu and click on the 2015 OITE 68-Day Cram Plan logo.

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  • If I lost some past Daily Study Plan Emails, is there a way to get the old Daily Study Plans?
    • Yes. All past Daily Study Plans can be found posted on the Study Plan homepage. Once you enroll you will be able to access the Study Plan homepage by going to your Groups page and clicking on the Study Plan logo.

  • What if I joined the Study Plan but am still not getting daily emails in my inbox?
    • Check your spam folder and promotions folder on Gmail. 
      • Because Orthobullets sends large volumes of email, our email sometimes ends up in your spam folder or promotions folder. Be sure to look there for our emails. If that is the case, mark us as "not spam" and put info@orthobullets in your contact list to avoid this in the future. If you are still not getting emails, send us a message at and we will figure it out.

  • What if I leave PayPal before clicking the yellow button?
    • Send us an email and we will add you to the Study Plan.

  • How do I get to the Study Plan homepage?
    • Click Groups in the top menu, then click on the Study Plan logo.

  • What if my name on Paypal does not match my orthobullets account?
    • As long as you remeber to click "CLICK HERE to join..." it does not matter if your Paypal account and orthobullets account are different. 

  • If I am a program director, is there a discount for group pricing?
    • Yes, we offer discounts for group pricing. Email us at for more information.

  • If I register for the Miller Review Course in Colorado do I get this for free?
    • No - this is a separate course.



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