2016 Royal College & AOBOS 133-Day Study Plan

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2016 Royal College / AOBOS 133-Day Study Plan logo
  • 133 Daily Emails
  • 667 Comprehensive Topics
  • 18 Virtual Curriculum Exams
    • 5 Milestone Mock Exams
    • OBTE (=4 Milestone Exams)
    • 9 Specialty Exams
  • Enroll by December 20 to finish before May 3
  • Daily emails begin the day after you purchase (first email on Dec 8)

Cost for Study Plan


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NOTE: If your purchased another Study Plan in the last year, this one is free.

Study Plan Schedule

Study Plan Details

The 2016 Royal College / AOBOS 133-Day Study Plan and Orthobullets Virtual Curriculum combine daily readings and regular mock exams to prepare you for your boards. The curriculum consists of:
  • 133-Daily Emails
    • We will guide you through a comprehensive review of 667 topics
    • Each day we will review five topics and a tested journal article

  • Integrated Orthobullets Virtual Curriculum Exams
    • 5 Never-Been-Seen Mock Exams
      • Each month we release a Milestone Mock Exam consisting of 25 Never-Been-Seen Questions
      • access is limited to members of the Orthobullets Virtual Curriculum
      • grading curves are posted one month after the exam is released so you can compare your performance to other residents
    • OBTE
      • Our annual OBTE (Orthobullets Training Exam) contains 100 Never-Been-Seen Questions in a timed-scored format - equivalent to 4 Milestone Mock Exams at once
    • 9 Specialty Exams
      • Take a 50-question specialty exam at the end of each unit

  • Access to All Premium Material in the Virtual Curriculum
    • Dozens of Milestone Mock Exams and Specialty Exams
    • 500+ premium questions only available to Virtual Curriculum members
    • Exam review webinars
Payment Instructions
  • Payment is made through PayPal
  • Following payment you must click the yellow button to complete your registration
  • If you purchased a Study Plan in the past year, email us at to receive this one at no cost



  • If I lost a Study Plan email, is there a way to access that material?
    • Yes. All the daily study plans are posted in the Study Plan private group.

  • How do I get to the Study Plan private group?
    • From the website: click groups in the top menu, then click the Study Plan logo.
    • From the Study Plan emails: click the Study Plan calendar.
  • What if I am a member of the private group but am still not getting daily emails in my inbox?
    • Check your spam and promotions folders.
      • Sometimes our email is filtered into members' spam or promotions folders: be sure to look there for our emails. If found there, mark the email "not spam" and add to your contact list to avoid this in the future. 
    • If you can't find the emails in those folders, contact us at

  • What if didn't click the yellow button after paying?
    • Send an email to and we will add you to the Study Plan.

  • What if my name/email on PayPal does not match my Orthobullets account?
    • As long as you click the yellow button after paying, it does not matter if your PayPal account and Orthobullets account are different.

  • If I am a program director, is there a discount for group pricing?
    • Yes, we offer discounts for group pricing. Email us at for more information.

  • How do I add this to my account if I bought another plan in the past 12 months?
    • Send us an email and we'll add it for free.

  • If I register for the Miller Review Course in Colorado do I get this for free?
    • No.

"That daily email was one of the best things I've seen for Orthopaedic education. All of our chiefs just passed ABOS and all credit that daily system that you set up. I would bet that the ABOS pass rate in general was higher this year.  No matter how you set it up I will be encouraging every resident in our program to purchase it.

"I recently passed part I of the boards. I attended the Miller Review course and did the Orthobullets Daily study plan. Despite the warning lables on the Study Plan and the MOVRC, I only used them for my study materials. Actually, I also did the ResStudy program from the AAOS, which included the last 3 years of OSAE. In addition to the daily reading plan, I completed every orthobullets question. I did not find the questions to be any harder or more advanced on the Boards than on the website, especially the Mock Exams. Y'all have built a wonderful resource for orthopaedic residents and practitioners everywhere. Membership is worth thousands of dollars, and we get it for free. Thank you. If there was a Nobel Prize for medical education, you guys would deserve it."

"A stroke of genius"

"The best, most interactive and educational orthopaedic pathology review session I have ever had the privilege of attending. The Q & A format capture of the commentary of pathology experts pointing out salient clinical, imaging & histologic features of the correct and incorrect answers and instant messaging interaction has clearly advanced the delivery of this important educational content to the next level."


"A fantastic educational format"

"Well Done"

"Love the QBank and self study pace much more than courses I've attended in the past."

"Great Job! Very Helpful"

"This is exceptional. Is it wrong that I'm watching these videos while at the Maine Review Course?"

"Wonderful Learning Tool"

"Excellent, Very Helpful"

"This has been a huge asset."

"A great idea"


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