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    Anonymous commented at 8:38AM on 08/23/16
    Hi. How do I ensure I have done all the questions in a subject area? If I set up a personal test in testmaster it restricts me to 250 questions. If I then setup another test for the remainder questions they are duplicates from the previous one. thank you in anticipation of your help. Peter
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    Anonymous commented at 4:42PM on 08/22/16
    Dr Derek.Please why case 2656 not posted up to now?Our colleagues comments were very helpful for us .thank you.
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    Anonymous commented at 3:13PM on 08/17/16
    How do I access the pubmed articles linked to the daily topics?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:20PM on 08/16/16
    Ehab, our customer service team will reach out to you to see what is wrong.
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    Anonymous commented at 6:52PM on 08/15/16
    why i dont have the whole bank questions inspite of being active meber and paid for a year
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    Anonymous commented at 5:44PM on 08/07/16
    Any chance of adding an online Purchasing Services one to one oral mock exams , by skype or any other tools through the orthobullets team. It would be great as part of the board exam preparation.
    Appreciate your consideration!
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    Anonymous commented at 3:25AM on 07/24/16
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:48PM on 07/20/16
    Got my scores back from my MOC exam...I have never tested well and was quite concerned about this my third recertification. Orthobullets was my main tool but I did take the AAOS review eastern course also. Passed in the 96%ile which is BY FAR the highest score I've ever gotten on boards. Thanks for the big boost up!
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    Anonymous commented at 5:51PM on 07/19/16
    so far a lot of great info!
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    Anonymous commented at 8:17PM on 07/02/16
    I passed and I know that the organized ortho bullets syllabus was a major aid. I would like to remind you that two of the ethics questions are simply wrong, and they should be corrected. Receiving pain medication is not a contraindication to an informed consent , no differently than the common practice of obtain a consent with a patient who has consumed alcohol.

    Life and limb threatening surgery must be performed in an unconscious patient and the surgeon simply needs to document the necessity in the medical record. Waiting to obtain a second opinion is neither medically wise or legally necessary
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    Anonymous commented at 5:53PM on 06/24/16
    Very happy with questions here. Excellent MOC general ortho prep.
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    Anonymous commented at 6:16PM on 06/23/16
    This is a great site. Passed U.S. MOC this year! Very pleased with the information and got me prepared for the total number of questions that are in the test. Will definitely pass this site onto colleagues and friends alike!
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    Anonymous commented at 5:38PM on 06/14/16
    Derek. I just found out about the MOC test changes for sports. I have a solid 50% sports practice. Do you have any thoughts as to whether it will be easier (less time consuming) to prepare for and pass the sports test versus the general board MOC? Thanks.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:55PM on 06/09/16
    Yes, we are figuring out how we are going to change our Study Plans to accommodate the new changes put forth by the ABOS. As of now, I would do the current study plans but focus on the sports topics. I personally think we can all benefit from keeping some of our general knowledge up to date.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:23AM on 06/09/16
    Hi Derek! Now that the re-certification exam for combined sports/general boards will consist of sports questions only, will there be an updated 2016 sports MOC Study Plan?
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    Anonymous commented at 3:57AM on 06/05/16
    Email notifications are not being sent my email id if someone replies to my comments on the comment section. I think this problem is a recent one because previosly I was getting regular notifications. Please check.
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    Anonymous commented at 5:38AM on 06/02/16
    Why is the Subspecialty of Shoulder/Elbow not represented on Orthobullets?
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    Anonymous commented at 11:31PM on 05/29/16
    I have it on pretty good authority that the ABOS has FINALLY decided to allow sub specialists in Orthopedics to take specialty tests for recertification. I am practice exclusively pediatric orthopedics - so this is great news that I don't have to take precious time from my practice to update my knowledge on total joint arthroplasty....

    That said - in attempting to keep up my MOC requirements - I took two self assessment exams this weekend

    1 was from the AAOS website - it was pricey and the questions were misleading, poorly constructed and esoteric. There was very little in that test that actually pertained to my practice. It was also pretty heavily weighted towards scoliosis.

    The other one was your test which I found exactly on point. The questions were clearly worded and certainly could have identified areas where practitioners could focus their efforts to brush up.

    Thanks for the great website - I look forward to taking another self assessment exam.
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    Anonymous commented at 7:24AM on 05/27/16
    The group test is a good way to send a test to multiple persons but is it possible to send the test code to a group instead of colleagues?
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    Anonymous commented at 2:05AM on 05/26/16
    Just wanted to enquire about 2 statements in the Brachial Plexus Injuries page.
    1) Under 'Classification' - lesions suggesting preganglionic injury', the last item under clinical indicators is "latissimus dorsi (thoracodorsal)". I think that must be an inadvertent error (thoracodorsal N is a branch of the posterior cord before it terminates in Axillary & Radial is quite far away from the roots of the plexus.
    2) Under 'Studies - Nerve action potential (NAPs)', this distinguishing dichotomy is stated:
    "can detect reinnervation months before EMG:
    NAP negative-neuropraxic lesion
    NAP positive- axonotmetic lesion"

    I think the word neuropraxic is a typo/phonemic error; shouldn't it be 'neurotmetic'? Neuropraxia is the mildest grade of injury in Seddon's classification, and won't display worse NAP recovery than 'axonotmesis'. However, neurotmesis is more severe than axonotmesis, and so can be expected to lack NAP recovery compared with axonotmesis.
    Take care.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:37PM on 05/22/16
    David, good idea. I will ask the engineers. It should be possible.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:25PM on 05/22/16
    Any chance of keeping the "mark-ups" (lined out answer choice/"tagged" questions) from when doing the test to when doing the review? These strike throughs/tagged questions do not appear when reviewing the test after score is submitted. I know the tagged question can alternatively be located in the Qbank under that subheading. I think it would help if during the review of answers you can see what you "eliminated" or flagged while answering the question during the test. Appreciate the consideration.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:27PM on 05/21/16
    I just want to ask why there are missing questions in q bank of each subject. .. I mean it is written that there are for example 7 questions but you mention only five
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    Anonymous commented at 7:17PM on 04/26/16
    Passed my FRCS T+O in February this year. Orthobullets was a massive part of my life for the last year - thank you to all contributors, incredible up to date and free resource. Keep up the good work ! Cheers - Andy, UK
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    Anonymous commented at 2:27PM on 04/26/16
    How do I download my CME/SAE certificate for my completed exams???
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    Anonymous commented at 1:31PM on 04/17/16
    Android is going through testing now. Should be available by May 15th.
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    Anonymous commented at 6:57AM on 04/17/16
    The site is great, thanks for the iPhone app, but please add an android app too, we need it, thanks a lot...
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    Anonymous commented at 8:29PM on 04/12/16
    Thank you for an outstanding website. I just took the Orthopaedic recert exam and felt that Orthobullets helped tremendously.
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    Anonymous commented at 3:42PM on 04/04/16
    After finishing a Test would be nice to see what your average is compared to everyone else who did those questions.
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    Anonymous commented at 1:22PM on 04/01/16
    Thank you so much for creating this stunning und unique resource of orthopaedic knowledge! Absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work!
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    Anonymous commented at 12:18PM on 04/01/16
    I joined but can't figure out how to get to the site now.
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    Anonymous commented at 3:16AM on 03/28/16
    This is a wonderful site. It must take prodigious amounts of time and effort keeping its standards up, and no praise is too high for it. Thank you, gentlemen and ladies of Orthobullets, for your selfless and invaluable work.
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    Anonymous commented at 7:10AM on 03/15/16
    What a cracking resource!!
    The Dog's Bullets of orthopaedics
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:48PM on 03/13/16
    May I just say what a fantastic resource you have built this website to be! Can't imagine a life without or before it!!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:03PM on 03/12/16
    I am a windows phone user. Do you have or will you be developing a windows mobile (10) app?
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    Anonymous commented at 7:45AM on 03/11/16
    Interdigital (Morton's) Neuroma common location is 3rd and 4th wed space noted in miller , but in otrho bullets is 2nd and 3rd........thanks.....
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    Anonymous commented at 6:20PM on 03/04/16
    why are topics not written by specialists in that subspecialty. For example trauma surgeons writing about orthopedic oncology
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:56PM on 03/03/16
    I am very happy in using orthobullet.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:19AM on 02/27/16
    always evolving, useful, serious, tutorials, organized.when you will add create new case icon on ios?
    because patiens are coming when we at policlinic or emergency.if cases could instantly upload them to your site from the phone's camera its will be perfect.
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    Anonymous commented at 10:58PM on 02/19/16
    this is the wonderful site to learn about orthopaedic. Please keep up the good work. I like this site a lot. i am sure it will help most of the doctors.
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    Anonymous commented at 6:24AM on 02/15/16
    At first I would say thank you for your website..It is so wonderful
    I have a suggestion that make an official app for mobile such as android,IOS.....etc
    to use your website on mobile easily
    thank you verymuch
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    Anonymous commented at 1:49AM on 02/09/16
    I just want to thank orthobullet team for making such wonderful site.I was the backbone of my preparation during FET16 (fellowship entrance test)conducted by NBE(national board of examination) India.I successfully qualified in exam with good rank.thanks a lot.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:59AM on 02/05/16
    Thank you for putting the anatomy pictures back on - I revise that section every morning on the train to work! It is a great help!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:50PM on 01/30/16
    Dr. Balaravindran, try click this link.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:24AM on 01/30/16
    Previosly there was an option to see all the comments which I have posted in various topics. How do I access that option now?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:52PM on 01/14/16
    I am a new member. I am looking for info about imaging tests. I am interested in knowing which test (MRI vs XR vs CT scan, echo-doppler, blood tests, etc)is the most indicated to identify a certain type of lesion (fx, soft tissue inflammation, vascular disease, brain injury, metabolic disease, etc)and why (advantages and disadvantages of the tests). Does anybody know whether I can find anything like that in orthobullets? Can anybody share relevant documents? Thanks!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:44AM on 01/13/16
    Dear Friends
    I miss the anatomy illustrations of the leg. They must be under construction...

    Thank you
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:06AM on 01/06/16
    This has been a great experience in learning and functionality. Kudos!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:39PM on 12/22/15
    I would like to thank you and your entire team for the useful information under the relevant headings for each topic and Q & A bank at the end. Your site is amazingly helpful! Also, the explanation in the "preferred response" gives an instant explanation with relevant analysis and critical reasoning. Thank you for making Orthobullets possible. Please continue with good work and if possible regularly update the website with more questions as evidence-based practice keeps evolving with current trends in field of Orthopedics.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:52AM on 12/09/15
    Android is under development. Maybe 2-3 months.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:15AM on 12/08/15
    Recently i saw an Orthobullet application in iphone. I am an Android phone user.If orthobullet make an application for android phone aswell, it would be really helpful to all those who use android devices..
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 3:07AM on 12/04/15
    Just topped the recent PBO diplomate exam last October2015. Orthobullets has been my number 1 source of information during my preparation for that test. And the Qbank tests helped alot in conditioning my mindset on time management as well as on what important things on a certain topic must I understand.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:09PM on 11/26/15
    There needs to be a not applicable at this time option for some of the steps for the procedures - due to different attending preferences - in order to get the feedback on the portions of the procedures we do - the order seems way to arbitrary - we need to be able to select " each aspect regardless of its level designation. Otherwise it is not accurate. an attending may not give you the approach , but then since you have prepared , you get the fixation or reduction or closure etc. it needs to be able to be chosen in the skills section regardless of the level. Please address this . It will allow for much more accurate records of actual skills ...
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:30PM on 11/21/15
    There needs to be a non cemented hip hemiarthroplasty in the milestones procedures - thanks
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:51PM on 11/11/15
    the touchpad zoom feature is really annoying, way too sensitive and is inadvertently activated too often. the plus minus buttons are more than enough, would recommend eliminating the touchpad part all together.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:26AM on 11/02/15
    Thanks for orthobullet team,can you post topics on arthroplasty other than hip and knee joints.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:38AM on 10/29/15
    The EBOT 2015 study plan got me through my specialty exams with flying colors! Thank you orthobullets!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:34PM on 10/27/15
    It would be great if we are able to highlight the salient points as we read and also make our own notes on the web-page. It would help us get more out of studying it. Thanks
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:25AM on 10/13/15
    i use orthobullet to prepare for sicot diploma exam
    i pass the exam
    it was very helpful
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:45AM on 10/12/15
    Dear Orthobullets´s resposible collegues. Am so thankful for the great help I got from this fantastic website. I passed the European examination fluently. Orthobullets was one of my highly dependent sources. Best regards from an orthopedic Surgon in Sweden
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:27PM on 10/05/15
    I couldn't find a shoulder dislocation topic. Please do provide a complete topic on this pathology
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:11AM on 09/18/15
    thank you. it was really heplfull for my exams
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:38AM on 09/17/15
    it is perfect. thank you very much
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:22PM on 09/16/15
    Thank you very much for your company about the great effort
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    Anonymous commented at 7:43AM on 09/14/15
    a very nice effort by orthobullets team no match for it but if u can design an android application it would be very great
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    Anonymous commented at 4:53AM on 09/11/15
    I am really can not express my deepest gratitude to the orthobullets team, great work , I appreciating your great efforts, A big thank you.
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    Anonymous commented at 1:28PM on 09/09/15
    No where else you can learn orthopaedics but orthobullets!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:19PM on 09/05/15
    I am testing our first version of our iOS native app now. We are hoping to have the first version available in November. It will not have all the features, but has a good Qbank feature. Android will not be available for ~ 5 months. We want to make these native apps really good.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:25PM on 09/05/15 is a wonderful website that has revolutionized orthopedic residents training all over the world.
    can we have a mobile version offline version for more benefit of residents.??
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:14PM on 09/05/15
    fyi- the chart under acetabular fx's does not have working links for the transverse + post wall section. Most of the chart is still incomplete and it would be super helpful if it was.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:52AM on 09/04/15
    When will the iOS app be coming? have been looking forward to it for so long!!!!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:42AM on 08/27/15
    Just wanted to say thanks for such a great website. Had used Orthobullets for my primary study resource for passing my Canadian FRCS(C) exams and just passed ABOS part 1 scoring in the 90th percentile.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:29AM on 08/09/15
    I purchased moc 2015 gem and would now like to buy the cme option - how do I do that?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:44AM on 08/07/15
    The daily topics and emails are really helpful but it would be nice if we could select the order that we do them in to align them with the rotations that we're on or preparing to go to next for maximum benefit. This could be done by either allowing us to choose the order of the study blocks or having a page listing all the 365 daily topics and letting us select or mark off as we go, still a directed study guide but giving the freedom to do it in the most beneficial order for us.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:52PM on 08/04/15
    This is very important and helpful site for every orthopedic surgeon, if I mention the benefits, it is uncountable, really great site, very good reviews, amazing illustrations, clear X rays, very valuable videos, let me know what was hidden and clear my confusion, really it is a bullet to the point. thanks for great and very disciplined work.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:31AM on 08/03/15
    I'm a fist year resident from Thailand. I would like to thank you so much orthobullet. This site give me ideals and concepts that hit to the point, like a bullet!!
    Many thanks again.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:40PM on 07/21/15
    Thank you Orthobullets Team for helping me prepare for and pass the MOC exam. It gets stressful for us old dogs! I look forward to using Orthobullets as my go to educational resource. Thank you for all the hard work. This site is indispensable.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:06PM on 07/20/15
    You should be able to see your test results in the following.

    If you are not a in a PASS group look at your personal testmaster.

    If you are in a PASS group go to your PASS tesmaster. Click your programs icon in the top left, then TESTMASTER in the top.

    Send us an email at with questions.

  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:16AM on 07/19/15
    Anyway to access our results from prior weekly quizzes on the 365-day core study plan? Once I've completed the exam if I go back and enter the quiz code it says I've already taken the quiz. Thanks for any help.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 9:39AM on 07/15/15
    Dr Derek Moore and your orthobullet team, you are amazing for this great initiative. As a PGY 5 Orthopaedic Resident I consider myself so fortunate for stumbling accross orthobullet. I will let other residents and surgeons know about it. Thank You.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:02PM on 07/12/15
    Thank you OB! I also passed the 2015 Recertification. I took the AAOS course last November, flew to LA and spent multiple thousand $$$. I found out about your site after I got home and used your stuff much more than I used the AAOS syllabus.I now use your site frequently for updated info...especially when I'm on call. You guys Rock!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:05AM on 07/03/15
    Thanks "guys" for the great site. I just passed my first recertification exam. Orthobullets made it very easy to review pertinent material. I continue to use the site in everyday practice.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 9:07AM on 07/01/15
    Orthobullets guys, thank you so much for this site. Preparing for MOC this past March, I bought the Miller online review & AAOS comprehensive review texts, but neither was as valuable as Orthobullets. In my opinion, your site’s organization, ease-of-use, customized tests, analysis tools, educational links and videos, discussion sections, and amazing attention to detail have set a whole new standard for orthopaedic education in the digital age. You guys really nailed it. Well done. Thanks for helping me rock the 2015 MOC exam, and see you next time in 2025!
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    Anonymous commented at 2:48PM on 06/30/15
    i m a qualified ortho surgeon from india
    I want to give FRCS trauma ortho - which course should i subscribe
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:16AM on 06/30/15
    I subscribed to the Virtual Cirric. How can I get the daily email Topics and is it possible to join a study Group like the EBOT?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:11PM on 06/27/15
    Thank you for a great 89 day study plan for the Spine MOC Recertification Exam!! The general ortho part of the exam was effectively covered in the review and the spine review portion was excellent. Thank you for your program!
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    Anonymous commented at 2:46PM on 06/27/15
    Would be awesome if the associated section/page of Miller or OKU were cited for the relevant topics/questions.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:13AM on 06/26/15
    Dear team

    I am lost for words when it comes to thanking you for such a wonderful website

    I passed my Board Exams (written, MCQ) with your website being instrumental in my revision

    all the best
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:17PM on 06/25/15
    I had taken the study plan for EBOT exam. I'm glad I took it which gave a ready made plan and all I have to do was study the topics for the day and take mock exams. I was only scoring about 65-70% even one day before the exam. I have passéd the exam thanks to Orthobullets. The study plan was definitely helpful.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:05PM on 06/24/15
    do you mean when reviewing a test or under topics. we hid those as some people thought they were a distracting. Now you have to click show comments.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:12PM on 06/24/15
    Was wondering why the comments for the questions no longer show up automatically...any ideas?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:06AM on 06/21/15
    I am really thankfull for the extensive knowledge presented in such a precise and concise manner.It helped me in not only revising the topics previously read but also reading them,even for the first time.It is an excellent site for the exam preps as well as in the daily routine.Thanks a lot again...I hope we have more topics and more updates coming up.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:13PM on 06/19/15
    I used Orthobullets' 89 day study plan for the 2015 General Ortho Recertification exam by the ABOS. It is the only way I prepared. I passed the test and scored better than expected. It is a daunting task to organize and study all the subjects needed, but Orthobullets puts it in a nice little package. Not to mention, I got 112 Category 1 CME as well. Thanks Orthobullets, I will recommend you to all of my colleagues.
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    Anonymous commented at 5:19AM on 06/17/15
    thank you for this great website,i am greatfull for orthobullets in my daily pracice,but i need help,recently i cant see any photo in orthobullets ??
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:52AM on 06/11/15
    i m thankful to orthobullet help me alot
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:15PM on 06/07/15
    The MOC is a pain. I'm grateful for Orthobullets.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:01PM on 06/04/15
    its priceless
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:38PM on 06/01/15

    i need some help here
    yesterday i did a custom test ( self made ) till the end and i saw my result .. then i want now to revie the answers .. but i can't find the test anywhere .. can someone help me finding it
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:11AM on 05/31/15
    I just wanted to thank you guys for all the effort you put in this great website. Keep up the great work. Thank you again. And looking forward to the android app.
    studying for the residency exams. :)
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:19PM on 05/29/15
    Does anybody know how to prepare for FNB fellowship entrance test in India. Is ortho bullet helpful for this or wastage of time.need help