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Industry Representatives

Frustrated that you have not had access to this great educational resource in the past? We now offer innovative educational products directed at educating and certifying industry representatives.

Marketing Representatives

With access to over 18,000 Orthopaedic Surgeons and Allied Providers around the world and an average time-on-site of greater than 10 minutes, orthobullets provides a valuable channel to educate surgeons on your product through our interactive marketing tools. This is the age of social media and engagement...are you going to be a part of it or get left behind?


With 50% of our projected 20 million page view for 2013 being PGY5 residents from the United States, Orthobullets represents an unparalleled opportunity to recruit young surgeons to your practice. Post a job listing today for a single low price, less that 50% the cost of our competition.

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Orthobullets is an interactive educational website for orthopaedic surgeons that was build and continues to be controlled by orthopaedic surgeons. By becoming a part of our network, you can help support our mission of improving physician education and patient care through improved collaboration between patients, physicians, and industry. If we work together, we can build something great, and everyone will benefit.