Elbow Partial Arthoplasty

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  • Forms of elbow arthroplasty
    • total elbow arthroplasty 
    • hemi elbow arthroplasty
      • radiocapitellar
      • distal humeral (not FDA approved)
    • ulnohumeral distraction & interpositional arthroplasty
    • olecranon fossa debridement
    • radial head arthroplasty
Ulnohumeral Arthroplasty (distraction interpositon)
  • Introduction
    • resection followed by contouring of articular surfaces with fascia coverage
    • some use distraction external fixator to allow early motion
  • Indications
    • reasonable choice for young active patients with posttraumatic arthritis who are too young to have a TEA
  • Results
    • results less predictable than TEA
Olecranon Fossa Debridement (Outerbridge-Kashiwagi procedure)
  • Indications
    • joint space narrowing
    • osteophytes (especially in posteromedial olecranon)
  • Limitations
    • incomplete anterior release
    • incomplete osteophyte removal anteriorly
Radial Head Excision
  • Indications
    • rheumatoid arthritis with arthritis isolated to the radiocapitellar joint
  • Approach
    • performed through lateral approach to the elbow


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