Ear, Eye, Mouth Injuries

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Ear injuries
  • Auricular hematoma
    • cauliflower ear
    • common in wrestlers
    • use proper headgear
    • treatment
      • aspiration
      • wrapping
Eye Injuries
  • Common in baseball, basketball, racketball, boxing, martial arts
  • Injuries include
    • traumatic mydriasis
      • a transient phenomenon during which the iris fails to constrict properly, resulting in a dilated pupil
      • caused by contusion to iris sphincter
      • treated with bedrest
    • corneal abrasion
      • diagnosed with fluorescent stain and UV light
      • treat with topical antibiotics, topical NSAIDS, eye patch, and nonurgent referral to ophthalmologist
    • hyphema
      • blood in the anterior chamber
      • treat with eye patch and to ER or emergent ophthalmologist
    • ruptured globe
      • sunken appearance
      • vitreous exudate
      • requires referral to ER or emergent ophthalmologist
    • orbital wall fracture
      • may cause occular muscle entrapment
      • requires referral to ER or emergent ophthalmologist
    • retinal detachment
      • Bright flashes, stabbing pain, visual field cut
      • requires referral to ER or emergent ophthalmologist
  • Presentation
    • vision loss
    • decreased acuity
    • floaters or flashers
    • double vision
  • Physical exam
    • hyphema
      • blood in anterior chamber
        • may represent vitreous or retinal injury
Dental injuries
  • An avulsed tooth is a medical emergency and should be replaced immediately 
    • the likelihood of survival of the tooth depends on the length of time that the tooth is out of the socket and the degree to which the periodontal ligament is damaged. 
  • Tooth handling includes
    • the tooth should be handled only by the crown end and not the root end
    • it can be rinsed of debris with water or normal saline solution
    • then place temporarily in buccal fold or pour normal saline solution on the teeth and then place them in milk
  • Treatment
    • the tooth and the athlete should be transported to the dentist for reinsertion as soon as possible and preferably within an hour


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(SBQ07.10) A 16-year-old women's lacrosse player is struck in the mouth with a ball. Several of her front teeth are knocked out of the socket. An emergent dentist appointment is made. What additional steps in initial management are recommended? Topic Review Topic

1. Rinse the teeth in saline and place them in ice.
2. Scrub the roots with saline and reimplant them back in the sockets.
3. Rinse the teeth in saline and place them in milk.
4. Scrub the teeth with a brush and place them on ice.
5. Scrub the teeth with a brush and place them in milk.



Review of common ear, eye and dental injuries in sports medicine.
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