Pulmonary Conditions

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Tension pneumothorax
  •  Introduction
    • a life-threatening emergency where air is trapped between the pleura and the lung, which prevents expansion of the lung. 
      • this causes hypoxia and cardiopulmonary compromise. 
    • caused include
      • trauma
      • infection
  • Symptoms
    • acute-onset, unilateral, pleuritic chest pain
    • dyspnea / acute respiratory distress
    • syncope
  • Physical exam
    • tachypnea
    • unilateral decreased or absent breath sounds
    • deviated trachea
  • Treatment
    • emergent needle decompression followed by chest tube
      • the first line of treatment is to place a needle into the second intercostal space in the midclavicular line. 
      • then the athlete should then be transported to the emergency department for chest tube placement. 
Exercise-induced Asthma
  • Symptoms
    • coughing, SOB, wheezing
    • often occurs 15 minutes after stopping 
  • Pathophsiology
    • drying and cooling of mucosa leads to edema and constriction
      • worse in winter sports
  • Treatment
    • beta-agonist inhaler prior to exercise
    • steroid inhaler


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(SBQ07.18) A professional football player has shortness of breath after being tackled. He remains tachycardic and tachypnic with the trachea shifted to the right and decreased breath sounds are noted over the left lung fields. Initial sideline managment invloves: Topic Review Topic

1. Transportation to the emergency room
2. Defibrillation
3. IV fluid administration
4. Placement of a large bore angiocath in the second intercostal space
5. Placement of a chest tube in the second intercostal space



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